Capital Hill Apartments street address:
17-23 State Circle,
Forrest, ACT 2603


Welcome to Capital Hill Apartments

The Capital Hill Apartments are located on State Circle in one of Canberra’s most prestigious suburbs, Forrest.

Capital Hill Apartments provide a rare opportunity for sophisticated living in a privileged position. Designed by award winning architect Alex Popov, Capital Hill Apartments achieve a sense of style and complement its prestigious surrounds.

The planning of this apartment development on State Circle, south of Parliament House, required a concept which not only accommodated the functional program but dealt with the bigger urban order of its location. Rather than locating isolated buildings in the landscape, the development establishes a dialogue with the surrounding context and Griffin’s plan. With Parliament House as the centre of the hub, State Circle is seen as the wheel, and the four apartment blocks are developed from a radial geometry to define the edge of this ‘wheel’.

Welcome to Capital Hill Apartments


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