Capital Hill Apartments street address:
17-23 State Circle,
Forrest, ACT 2603


Moving in and Out

The lifts are easily damaged during removals.  The temptation is to wedge the lift door open but this often means the door-closing electric motors burn out – at very considerable expense and bother.  If you or your removalist is found to be at fault, then you will have to bear the cost of repair.  A special key that safely locks the lift door open for your convenience is available from the Managing Agent, City Strata Management.  Please make the appropriate arrangements at least one week before removal day.

The interiors of the lifts are also prone to scratching and other damage.  Protective padding that can be clipped in place is also available from the Managing Agent.  Please use it. Padding is kept in the large basement storage cage by lift 23.  You’ll need to draw the key from the MA.

Do urge your removalists to be careful with the fabric of the buildings.  The walls in the corridors and stairwells are also easily scratched or even gouged.  Outside, the lighting bollards are particularly vulnerable to removalists’ trolleys, etc, and paving tiles have been broken by careless handling of heavy items.  Again, please realise who has to pay for any such damage! Please ensure your removalist does not park on our lawns which are easily damaged.  The sub-surface irrigation lines are easily crushed.  Repairs will be at your expense.  Hi-vis traffic cones are also in the storage cage and these can be used to reserve parking space on State Circle.

There are steel bollards in the walkways between Buildings 17 & 19 and 21 & 23.  Amongst other things, they are there to stop removalists’ vans driving up and damaging the pavers but there may be occasions when trolleys or large items of furniture need to be given good access.  The bollards are lockable and removable.  Please ask the Managing Agent for a key.

It’s a good idea to enlist the assistance of a friend to act as a lookout.  It’s not unknown for pilferage to take place from the removal van or for unauthorised persons to enter the building during this busy and vulnerable time.  For obvious reasons, it’s unwise to jam the front door open: it puts others at risk besides yourself.

Residents moving in are encouraged to read the Apartment Manual, which contains a wealth of advice for the new arrival – telephones, garbage collection, etc.   Don’t hesitate to ask the Managing Agent or any of the Owners’ Corporation Executive Committee for help.