Capital Hill Apartments
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Toilet Suites

January 31, 2017

There are some 111 toilet suites throughout the complex, mostly Fowler’s Newport Wall Faced Cube models.  In the last few years, several of these have failed, resulting in flood damage and requiring expensive repairs.  The root cause is poor workmanship in installation.  In short, if the plumbing isn’t properly secured to the wall, repeated use will vibrate internal fittings loose resulting in catastrophe.  In all the failures so far, this has been the cause.  For example, four bolts are required to do the job properly; a shortcut by an unscrupulous installer may see only two being used. (There can be other contributing factors, but this is the most common.)

There is no cheap way to check that your installation is secure; it’s a job for a plumber.  Short of doing that, be alert to the first sign of a leak that could presage a flood and call a plumber immediately.  The Owners Corporation is not liable for damage or repair and our strata insurance does not cover bad installation.  These are individual apartment owners’ responsibilities.  At best, household insurance may cover resultant damage from a flood, e.g. sodden carpets.