Capital Hill Apartments
17 - 23 State Circle
PO Box 6248


Security Reminder

December 2, 2014

No particular incident or specific threat lies behind this item.  It’s essentially a sensible and routine suggestion especially for the information of newcomers.

One of the forgotten elements of living within a shared building complex is that everyone in the building contributes to the safety and security of the other residents.

There is a shared responsibility in choosing to live in this environment. This shared responsibility extends to all the parts of the complex and in particular the basement carpark. These spaces are susceptible to burglaries and residents and their guests have to be vigilant when coming or going.

Offenders often take advantage of residents’ failing to wait for the garage door to close before driving off.   Those extra 10-20 seconds are vital and residents should keep watch for any suspicious activity at this time.

If you see someone entering as the garage door opens or closes and you do not recognise them, then you have every right to question whether they have a valid reason to be there.

Or, if you are not confident in doing so, call Police Operations immediately on 131 444 and report it.