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Toilet Suites

January 31, 2017

There are some 111 toilet suites throughout the complex, mostly Fowler’s Newport Wall Faced Cube models.  In the last few years, several of these have failed, resulting in flood damage and requiring expensive repairs.  The root cause is poor workmanship in installation.  In short, if the plumbing isn’t properly secured to the wall, repeated use will vibrate internal fittings loose resulting in catastrophe.  In all the failures so far, this has been the cause.  For example, four bolts are required to do the job properly; a shortcut by an unscrupulous installer may see only two being us

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Strata Manager

December 6, 2016

Our Managing Agent, City Strata,  has assigned a new Strata Manager for Capital Hill Apartments, Tony Stevens,    (02) 6156-3305.   The Executive Committee has welcomed Tony to the team.

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NBN Rollout

November 3, 2016

As of today, nothing – still nothing – is available from NBN as to when we can expected to be connected. We are but a couple of hundred metres from the Parliament House and the Lodge and we should have thought that would be in our favour; evidently not.

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Air Conditioning Maintenance

October 27, 2016


We frequently remind owners to have their air-conditioning unit in the basement maintained. A common problem is that the machine’s normal vibration shakes loose many of the screws and fittings but the maintenance schedule will see that everything is made tight.

The photo is of a terminal block and shows melti

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Fire Alarms

October 11, 2016

Some residents were disturbed on Monday 10th October by a spoken message over the emergency broadcast system. It was only a routine test but the volume was so low the message could barely be heard. We have tested the system and re-set the controls. In the corridors, where the speakers are, the volume is 90 decibels, the maximum legally allowed. Inside apartments, because of good soundproofing construction, the level for speech drops to as little as 40 dB, which is pretty well ambient noise level. However, in an actual emergency, no spoken ann

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