Capital Hill Apartments
17 - 23 State Circle
PO Box 6248


National Broadband Network

May 27, 2015

This is the present situation as we understand it..

·        What:     The NBN will provide fibre (MODEM) to the Communications room in the basement.

·        How:       NBN will liaise with the Managing Agent and Owners Corporation over the installation.

·        When:    The rollout of the network has not started yet in this location but it can’t be far away. (The schedule has to be released but some installations have been made in Queanbeyan and Civic.) You can register with  to be notified when you’re able to connect to the nbn™ network.

·        Distribution:   From the Communications room to individual apartments will be by the existing copper infrastructure from the Main Distribution  Frame (MDF).

·        Cost:  No cost to the Owners Corporation  provided that we can provide appropriate power and space (probably not an issue).  No cost to existing Telstra customers with a new MODEM and Technician provided free of charge to migrate to the new service.

·        Benefits:  Increased speed of service from current modem speed to 100Mbps.