Capital Hill Apartments
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Hot Water Service

October 8, 2014

A number of owners continue to experience troubles with fluctuating water temperatures and/or minor leaks in their apartments.  It is most likely that the mixing valve, now almost nine years old, is the problem.  (You’ll find it through the manhole inside your front door.  Picture below.)

The developer installed a particular Thermostatic Mixing Valve, which was a

poor choice.   Each valve should be serviced annually and the cartridge

replaced once every five years as per manufacturer’s instructions.  A yearly service per valve is about $250 and a five year service about $520.

The Executive Committee has investigated the matter and strongly recommends owners replace their valves with Tempering Valves that do not require yearly service.  They are rated up to 55 degrees.  Supplied and installed, the cost would be $478, and that includes flushing the hot and cold pipes in each apartment.

Either way, action should be taken now.  The Committee’s preferred plumber is Robert Edwards of Six Star Plumbing.  Phone 6161-9417.