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Have you tried cooking with French tarragon

September 17, 2013

French tarragon. Capital Hill Apartments herb garden.

Amongst the herbs that are thriving in the Capital Hill Apartments herb garden is French tarragon, Artemesia dracunclulus.

French tarragon has a unique, attractive flavour. The fresh green leaves have a very appetising taste that seems to contain pepper, balsam and anise. The flavour has also been described as fennel, anise, and liquorice.

Use in salads, fish, chicken and boiled or poached eggs. Add to white wine vinegar, pickles, mustards and butter. The French use tarragon in many sauces, such as béarnaise sauce, tartar and hollandaise sauce, it is one of the herbs in the classic French blend – fines herbes – equal parts of parsley, chervil, chives and tarragon. The fresh herbs are chopped finely together and can be sprinkled over green salad, added to omelettes, poached chicken or fish, mixed into a butter sauce for fish, or sprinkled over any dish as a garnish.